The Carb Inspiration of Italy

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Italy was so much fun, it was my very first time and I went with my entire family. Needless to say, it was an exhausting but very exciting trip. For those of you that know my family personally, you know that they have a lot of energy, and like all families, we sometimes get on each other’s nerves, but I love them just the same.

We started our trip in Rome, which kind of reminded me of a dirty New York City, if New York had random ruins scattered throughout. Then we headed to the magical Amalfi Coast. I’d always seen pictures from Dolce & Gabbana promoting their brand out there, and I’d always wanted to visit these chic locations. It did not disappoint, although on the way, my dad got pick pocketed on the train, so if you visit make sure you guys don’t keep ANY money in your pocket.

In Capri, we rented a boat and road along the Italian Riviera, drinking moscato with our Italian captain named Alessandro who had a bit of a crush on my sister *wink wink*. The water was so crystal clear blue – and for some reason, overly salty – but that didn’t matter because it was just so breathtaking and extraordinary. I felt like I was in a postcard.

We also went to Venice, which was super historic, had some great food, and of course enjoyed a gondola ride, which for me was kind of scary because I felt like we were going to tip over the whole time!

Side note: don’t ever have 6 people in a gondola. Definitely do not recommend.

Then of course there was Florence, which was one of my favorites. It was a much cleaner city, had great charm, was historically sound. It definitely helped that you could buy quality leather goods for practically nothing. I definitely did some serious shopping and bought myself some CUTE Italian shoes that would have been wayyy overpriced in the States

There was also Cinque terre which was another beautiful, quaint beach city that consisted of five cities interconnected through a crazy hike.

Which we did.

Definitely not for someone who is out of shape. But we did it anyway! And the workout was absolutely worth the beautiful scenery.




By the end of our trip, I was CARBED OUT with all the bread and pasta, but even to this moment, I will make a Capreze salad at home to reminisce my time in this beautiful country.

While I was there, I was very present to the fact that there are just so many different types of people in our world. And being on the Italian Riviera, it was just a big mesh of a bunch of different European and American tourists. It was a hub of relaxation for every kind of person you could imagine. The old city and art that I experienced at the museums made me feel like I was back in time, and to see the work of artists such as Sandro Botticelli was completely fascinating. His attention to detail, even so long ago, was just magnificent. It showed me that human beings are really quite capable of extraordinary things, whoever and whenever you are.



Then of course, there were all the marble statues that just blew me away. I can’t believe that such magical illusions came out of a bunch of rock.


As I reflect on my trip, it really brought me present to the fact that I probably (definitely) work way too much and am not taking enough time to experience life like the Europeans do. It also made me present to what’s important, which is, plain and simple, enjoying life.


For those of you that are reading this, I can’t stress enough how important it is to live your biggest life possible, because in a second, it can be taken from you. Who wants to be on their deathbed living in regret? I know I don’t.

This is where that saying YOLO comes from, I guess.

Anyways, definitely still recovering from that carb overload, but anyone could take me back to Italy, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Love you all!

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